Founder Filter

A fresh brew of people, ideas and networks

Tue 23rd Jul
3fe, IFSC, Dublin

What is Founder Filter?

A regular morning meetup for startup founders and investors

It's as simple as that. No presentations, no sessions, no schedule, no calendar invites. Just people starting or building tech companies, taking the time to chat to each other over coffee (or tea, or whatever).

We meet upstairs in 3fe, Mayor Square, IFSC in Dublin. We talk tech, product, fundraising, teams, culture, go to market and a million other things that people work on with when building a startup.



Who is it for?

Founders, investors and anyone that is involved in building a startup. You might be a product developer, designer, engineer, product manager, or push things forward on sales or marketing.

If you're not a founder today, you might be one tomorrow, and it's never too early to start meeting people who can help you on the journey.

How can I join?

Just turn up, come in and say hi, ask people what they're working on and take it from there.

Want to be reminded?

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